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Afshin Yousefpour

Mr Afshin Yousefpour is a registered specialist in maxillofacial surgery. His special interests are in facial aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and he brings a breadth of expertise and experience, providing natural-looking and harmonious results for the face, eyes, nose, jowls, neck and jaw line.
He was increasingly drawn to facial aesthetic surgery, which is technically demanding and requires great attention to detail. He found this suited his personality and his lifelong interest in artistic endeavours. In cosmetic facial surgery, he specialises in all aspects of facial rejuvenation.

Orthognathic Surgery

Patients who require the correction of an imbalance between the upper and lower jaws or abnormality of the jaw, Surgery could be the solution.

Costmetic Surgery

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Mr Afshin Yousefpour focuses only on facial plastic surgery, meaning you are in the hands of a specialist.

Reconstructive Surgery

Mr Afshin Yousefpour also specialises in complex reconstructive surgery for the head, face and neck. His aim is to restore both form and function.

Dental Implants

Yousefpour’s expertise is in dealing with dental implant cases that require grafts or bone reconstruction prior to implant placement.

Why Choose Mr. Yoursefpour

1. Patient Satisfaction

Mr. Yousefpour is always listening to his patients in order to better understand their wishes and offer them the best possible result.

2. The Best Technology

Mr. Yousefpour is always on the lookout for the latest techniques to deliver predictable and optimal results to all of his patients

3. The Best Technology

Mr. Yousefpour’s unique training in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Maxillo-Facial Surgery has allowed him to perfectly master all the techniques of facial surgery.

Real patients, Real Results

We provide a range of surgical & non-surgical procedures that can make you look years younger. 

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PATIENT Testimonials

My dream has finally come true! The body that I wanted for so long is finally here, given to me by your magical hands, doctor! I appreciate it greatly.

Becky Jones, 42 Years

I thought that my problem was unique and unknown to plastic surgeons, however here I realized that it can be solved. Thank you so very much for your help!

Ian Moore, 33 Years

I am absolutely happy to be your patient. Your surgeons are genius! I was treated very kindly and professionally, and now I feel just great. Thanks!

Julia Gilmore, 29 Years

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