Wisdom Teeth Removal

Removal of wisdom teeth is a very common procedure. The four wisdom teeth grow at the very back of the gums, one in each corner, and are the last teeth that come through.

Am I a good candidate?

The wisdom teeth usually come through in the late teens onwards and as the rest of the adult teeth are usually present by this point, there can sometime be lack of room for the wisdom teeth to grow properly. This can force the teeth to grow at an angle or not emerge from the gum properly.

When this occurs and is causing pain, infections or tooth decay, you may need your wisdom teeth removed. Other problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth include cysts or abscesses where pus collects in the wisdom teeth or surrounding tissue. However, if they aren’t causing any problems, then it is not usually advisable to have them removed as the procedure does come with some complications.

The wisdom teeth removal consultation

Mr Afshin Yousefpour will often perform a dental x-ray to assess the position of the teeth. He will then advise you on the benefits and possible complications of this treatment option, compared to not undergoing treatment. It may be possible to resolve the problems associated with wisdom teeth with antibiotics or antiseptic mouthwash.

What does a wisdom teeth removal procedure involve?

The area around the wisdom tooth that is to be removed will be numbed with local anaesthetic injections so you will not feel any pain when the tooth is removed. There may be a sensation of pressure as Mr Yousefpour may need to manipulate the wisdom tooth to be able to remove it. If it hasn’t broken through the gum properly, he may need to cut through the gum and break up the tooth.

Are there any risks and complications associated with wisdom teeth removal?

Afterwards the gum will be swollen and you will suffer some discomfort after the local anaesthetic has worn off. This should be easily controlled with over-the-counter painkillers. Risks are minimal but include infection and some nerve damage. Smoking can delay the healing process.

What results can I expect from wisdom teeth removal procedure?

Wisdom teeth removal aims to resolve any problems that are being caused by the wisdom teeth. This is usually a highly satisfactory procedure.

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Becky Jones, 42 Years

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